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Top Items of Today..

================ 25november2014 ================

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================ Earlier 2014 ================ 


"Mantinozo Mark 1" 

No way I'm gonna tell you to much about this.

But it will break all records ever concerning 100% electric cars.

And it's a follow-up of 




"New World Peace Globe"  & "Equalness AND Uniqueness"

The web-page needs to be worked on a lot

but the concept has the interest of the Major of AMsterdam.

Soon the website will be up.


It's going to be a Globe which can be entered

and will be like a museum, with 33 artists, each with 3 pieces of art.

1 of these 3 pieces will reflect the message of "Equalness AND Uniqueness".

For now, read on here.. 



To support the Peace-Project as mentioned under 2,

new items, products and services are available as from today 17th of november 2014.

For sale: Estimated value end of 2015 100-150000 euro's. A proven method to quit smoking. In Dutch, but will soon come in English as well. I developed this method in 1996 because I had to stop smoking because of cancer on my tongue.  


- MBP-method: I can help you to lose your fear. For the dentist, for public speach, etc. (Website in Dutch).

- Bizzzbrain: ( to come).

I will come with ideas or solutions for your question or problem: 

For now see page


My websites do not all look as professional as they could. I make them my self as well...

So if you would like to help me there, please contact me: 

Especially needs a professional or maybe even better someone who's passion is webdesign etc.

The message of  "Equalness AND Uniqueness" has to come on the new site in all possible languages of the world.