The knowledge is there.              The imagination is there.

All we have to do, is put it together.

-Mark Biemans-

"Imagination is more important than knowledge."


Main Project:
Equalness & Uniqueness

& PeaceGlobe

I am not more than you are.
You are not more than I am.
I am not less than you are.
You are not less than I am.

You and I,
we are not better or worse than someone else.

No matter what color,
yellow green black white brown blue or whatever,
no matter what religion you have or don't have,
no matter what country you are from,
or politic group you follow,
man or woman,
whatever race,

we are all Equal,
we are all Unique.

No person on earth is the same as someone else.
You are Unique,
I am Unique.
We are All Equal And Unique.

Respect each other.

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