Thinking Outside-the-Box is not good enough for me.

In my opinion, if you think outside-the-box, 

you are still aware of the existence of a box.

I think Without-a-Box and dream,

i think.

-Mark Biemans-

It is my goal to improve Your Life and mine as good as i can and to help to make the World a better place. I hope my thoughts and messages as well as products, services, images, art and architecture will indeed do so.

To do so, i also need your help. If you like my work, please tell to your friends where to find my work.

In English it is normal to write "I" with a capital " I ". But in my opinion i am not more than you are. And you are not more than i am.

Equalness and Uniqueness is my device.


i am not more than you are

you are not more than I am
i am not less than you are
you are not less than I am

you and i
we are not better or worse than someone else

No matter what color
yellow green black white brown blue or whatever
no matter what faith or belief you have
no matter what country you are from
no matter what politic group you follow
no matter what race

man or woman

we are all EQUAL
we are all UNIQUE

no person on earth is the same as someone else
you are Unique
i am Unique
every person you meet is unique

We are All Equal And Unique

respect one-another



-Mark Biemans-


An example: This building called the "Floradome" has a new kind of solar-leafs and can turn around its axis.



Everything on this website is my intellectual property (except for some publicity). You'll find concepts, thoughts and products. And like in science, some theories are right until proven wrong or otherwise. So please go ahead, prove I'm wrong.

Some subjects are in English, others/andere zijn in het Nederlands.



------------------↓ Without the Box 1 ------------------

De VoorZorgStichting

Concept 17januari 2013  

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------------------↓ Without the Box 2 ------------------

DISKUS1-THEORY (diskus-discus) 

on Molecules.


Mark Biemans-Redmond,

would like to reveal the

DISKUS1-THEORY (diskus-discus)

(DisKus-One -Theory)  

as part of

the 'Biemans-Redmond Theories & Practises'




 By Mark Biemans-Redmond

On the 11th of august 2012 I have put knowledge together with imagination. 

I have come to the conclusion that MOLECULES 

with their atoms, protons etc. etc. 

including their electrons 


with one or more kind of shells of electrons, 


similar to our own solar system.

And likewise similar to our 'Milky Way'. 

These 'Almost Flat Forms' or 'Discus-ses' (DISKUS-SES) can be 



(If parallel, some or many of them can be co-axial as well) .

This explains according to my own insights a lot about electricity, 

energy and magnetism, 

as well as The Law of Attraction and many other things. 

Amsterdam, 00:40:40hrs Dutch Time. 12 augustus 2012

Mark Biemans-Redmond

Born 18jun1958 in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

(At this moment it still is Friday the 11th in London) 


14aug2012 Uploaded image of the first drawing (12august 2012) by Mark Biemans: Several DISCUS-ses more or less lined up.

See down below:


-Update 16aug2012

The until now so called electrons can turn clockwise or counter-clockwise. Depending  on how the 'molecules' turn and are in line or not, or in chaos, the quality/character of the material will be different. 

More insights and images will follow.

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To contact Mark Biemans-Redmond click:  info@markbiemans.com  


------------------↓ Without the Box 3------------------

HEEFT LICHT MASSA? (Door Mark Biemans)


Waarom licht buigt bij het passeren van de zon. 

De zon heeft een atmosfeer.

Door de (zijwaartse) lenswerking van deze atmosfeer buigt het licht, dat van sterren komt die zich achter de zon bevinden **, af in de richting van het oppervlak van de zon.

**(of licht dat via planeten teruggekaatst wordt)

Hierdoor is de ster eerder zichtbaar dan feitelijk rechtlijnig mogelijk zou zijn.

Met zijwaartse lenswerking wordt bedoeld dat we niet door het midden van een lens kijken maar door de ene zijkant er in kijken en aan de andere zijkant er weer uit.

Het eerder zichtbaar worden corrigeert zich weer doordat in dit geval door draaiing van de aarde, ons waarnemingpunt zich verplaatst waardoor wij het licht van de ster meer en meer gaan zien door de top van de lens waardoor de lichtbuiging weer minder wordt. Hierdoor wordt uiteindelijk de ster weer rechtlijnig zichtbaar.

Zie afbeelding.

Zoals bekend is door de atmosfeer van de aarde bij zonsondergang en zonsopgang deze lichtbuiging niet gering en treed er tevens een roodverschuiving op.


Of naast deze lichtbuiging door de zijwaartste lenswerking letterlijk nog ruimte overblijft voor Einstein's gedachtengoed dat licht massa heeft, en door aantrekkingskracht van een andere massa (in dit geval de zon) lichtbuiging ontstaat kan ik hier nog niet berekenen maar ik durf dit momenteel wel ten zeerste te betwijfelen.

Mark Biemans (Gediplomeerd fotograaf FotoVakSchool Apeldoorn)

AMsterdam, 18dec2012 

Contact: info@markbiemans.com




Why Light bends when passing The SUN.

The sun has an atmosphere.

Because of the sideway lensworking of this atmosphere the light is bending that comes from the stars that are behind the sun**, in the direction of the surface of the sun.

**(or light reflecting from planets)

Because of this, the star is sooner visible than in fact would be in a straight line.

With 'sideway lensworking' is meant that we don't look like normal through the middle of the lens, but on one side we look inwards and on the other side we look outwards. 

The earlier visibility is being corrected because in this case by the turning of the earth, our point of view moves so we start seeing the light of the star more and more through the top of the lens and therefore the lightbending gets less and less. Finally we can see the star again in a straight line.

See image.

As we know is because of the atmosphere of the earth at sunrise and sunset this lightbending quite strong and there is a redshift as well.


If next to the lightbending because of the sideway lensworking there still is space left for Einstein's way of thinking that light has mass and therefore bends when passing another mass, in this case the sun, I cannot calculate at this moment

but I must say I strongly have my doubts.

Mark Biemans (Qualified Photographer FotoVakSchool Apeldoorn)

AMsterdam, 18dec2012 

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What is your opinion? Do you think Einstein was right or was he having to much imagination? Is my point of view right? Or both?  light@markbiemans.com 



------------------↓ Without the Box 3B ------------------

According to Einstein: light has mass, and, is of constant speed.

Mark Biemans: If light would have mass, it would slow down when shining upwards from earth... So, either it has no mass, or, it is not of constant speed.


------------------↓ Without the Box 4 ------------------


Architectual Designs M. Biemans (IJGlobe)

Architect Gerard Lagerweij

IEcodome: Model 'Floradome' 






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